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Best Islands and Cays of the Dominican Republic

Best Islands and Cays of the Dominican Republic

Best Islands and Cays of Dominican Republic

- In addition to the spectacular beaches on the mainland, the Dominican Republic has more than one hundred offshore cays and islets with an impressive marine and sandy environment, distributed in all regions: north, south and east. The largest number of cays are located near the bay of Samaná and the northwest of the Montecristi province.
The Arena cay, far from the coast of Puerto Plata, is the ideal place for a snorkeling excursion. Facing the coast of Samaná, Cay Levantado (the largest of all the keys) is a perfect place for lunch and swimming, it is often included in the tours for Los Haitises, but you can also spend the night in the luxurious resort located in this cay. The most peculiar cay is Cay Los Frailes, west of Beata Island, in the province of Pedernales. Off the coast of Montecristi are the most unusual cays, Los Siete Hermanos which concentrate the largest flora and fauna.
Excursions to the different islands and cays are offered throughout the year and are especially pleasant during the summer season when there are fewer people.
The geological diversity of the cays that border the Dominican coasts allow us to find beaches, rock formations, birds, pines, mangroves or no vegetation, such as Cayo Arena, a coral mound formed only by sand whose size varies according to mood wave.

The most visited cays are:

Cayo Levantado

It is the largest of the cays that line the interior coasts of the Samaná Bay, it is located just off the coast of Samaná (5 km away) and the most exploited in the country in the tourist area, it has bright sandy beaches white, turquoise water and palm trees. It is also known as "Bacardi Island", as its palms resemble those of the famous advertising of Bacardi rum.

Cayo con hotel y todos los servicios

This key was an old haven for pirates and corsairs, has 8 square kilometers and about 450 meters of sandy coastline, as well as an attractive platform of reefs and sea grass. Hundreds of tourists visit every year with the arrival of weekly cruises to its crystal clear waters and paradisiacal beaches, since they have accommodation facilities and restaurants. Tourism agencies schedule regular excursions to the island.
Spend the day swimming, sunbathing, exploring the key walking, kayaking or paddle boarding, snorkeling and enjoy fresh fish.

cayo 7 hermanos república dominicana

Cayos Siete Hermanos

The Seven Brothers Cays consist of seven sandy cays called Toruru, Muertos, Ratas, Terrero, Monte Grande, Monte Chico and Arenas. Formed by coral sands, these offer a world of beaches, underwater exploration and wildlife. Around the banks of the cays, you will see cactus, iguanas and crabs.

Submerged forests, sandy bottoms and large rocky walls make this area a unique place for snorkeling, day or night diving, three meters deep, making it possible for beginners to access it. Unlike the other dive sites in Montecristi, it can be explored on windy days.Made up of coral sands, these keys offer a world of underwater exploration and wildlife.The seven keys are also the main poultry nesting site in the Dominican Republic, the season runs from late May to early September, and are an ideal place to observe migratory and native birds.

Cayo Arena

Formed only by the sand, one of the most beautiful and paradisiacal places in the Dominican Republic. Cayo Arena, whose real name is Cayo Paraíso, is a coral islet located in the Northwest of the Dominican Republic off the coast of Puerto Plata in Punta Rucia (45 minutes away), of incredible beauty, this small island is added to a landscape as beautiful as people who are living in a dream.

Cayo sin vegetación solo arena

Imagine sunbathing on a small island lost in the sea surrounded by white sands and crystal clear waters that you can see the background with incredible sharpness, the colors that range from turquoise blue to emerald green, is one of the favorite spots in the country for Scuba diving and snorkeling. This bank is not in the past. It is difficult to say the size of this key due to the shrinking and expanding seasons of the ocean.

Aguas cirstalinas y verde esmeralda de isla Catalinita

Isla Catalinita

The smallest of the islands, next to the coast of Bayahíbe, Catalinita stands out for its crystal clear waters throughout the year and its abundant marine life and reefs. It is one of the unmissable places of the Dominican Republic, which is not only a place of passage to the submarine museum of the wreck of Captain Kidd, but it is also a perfect place to enjoy wonderful paradisiacal beaches of white sands.

Cruise berth, passengers take advantage of this incredible stop to visit the well-known island that holds so much Caribbean history. Famous for its coral reefs, those interested in diving enjoy exciting sessions under the sea, observing the incredible underwater fauna and the remains of the wrecked ship of Captain Kidd, found only two or three meters deep in the vicinity of the island.
In addition to the sunken ship, the reefs form an extraordinary wall of coral that caused innumerable shipwrecks in the area and that, now, is one of the best known destinations. It is an especially good place for fishing, where, traditionally, specimens of guatapaná, jaureles, carites and other types of temperate waters have been obtained.

Cayo Los Frailes

They call him that because in the distance they look like friars dressed in white. They are located 18 kilometers northwest of Beata Island and north of Alto Velo Island. It is part of the Jaragua National Park and is difficult to access.

islote los frailes

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